Buy the Paladins Champions Pack Before It’s Discontinued on February 3rd

The Paladins Champions Pack is one of the most generous deals in free-to-play gaming. Pay a one-time fee of $30 and you unlock every present and future champion forever. Hi-Rez Studios has done an amazing job of supporting the only modern hero shooter to survive against Overwatch competitor, as it now has over 40 champions to choose from.

Unfortunately, the Champions Pack is being discontinued as of February 3rd. In its place will be a new season pass model that does not unlock future characters. Before then, I have one request of you.

Try Paladins now.

It may simply look like an Overwatch knock-off, but that’s not necessarily the case. Both are team-based shooters, but Paladins has survived where other hero shooters have died because of what it does differently:

  • Free-to-play
  • More heroes than Overwatch and they’re released at a faster clip
  • A deep character customization system that actually allows you to tune almost every aspect of how characters play, not just how they look
  • Cross-play
  • Cross-progression
  • The Nintendo Switch version runs at 60fps while Overwatch on Switch drops to 30fps and below

If you try it out and don’t like it, no worries! But if you enjoy your time with it and have any inkling of diving deeper, buy the Champions Pack now before it’s too late.


Epic Games Store



Nintendo Switch

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