Rogue Company and Learning the Way of the Sniper

“I dare you to peek again.”

Staring down the sights of my scope, I’m lining up my enemy who dares to engage in a long-distance firefight with me. Unfortunately for them, I’m packing a sniper rifle.

They jut their head above for a split second.



I warned them, but they didn’t listen. Rack up another one on the scoreboard for me.

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My Favourite Rogues in Rogue Company So Far

Rogue Company continues to be an obsession of mine. Whether I hop in as a solo rogue or squad up with my crew, I can’t quit saving the day and getting paid.

Along the way, I purchased the founder’s edition and have access to entire roster as of writing. Having at least dabbled with them all, here are my favourite rogues to battle with!

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