The Most Popular Channel Point Rewards on My Twitch Channel in 2020

Earlier this year, I implemented new tech that allowed you to control the stream by spending Twitch Channel Points. The feature proved to be such a big hit that it’s now a core component of my show. I love the fact that you get to add your personal touch to the content, whether that means perfectly timing the air horn to coincide with hype moments, taking a hilarious photograph of me with an autograph to match, or blowing the Poke Flute in hopes that shiny Snorlax will appear.

Speaking of which, let’s get the elephant shiny Snorlax out of the room. The most popular Twitch Channel Point reward was the Poke Flute and it wasn’t close. But how much more popular was it compared to the others? And how often were the other effects used? Here are the Channel Point usage stats on my channel from least-to-most used!

Date was pulled on Friday, November 27th, 2020. All my uses of these effects have been scrubbed from the data.

N/A – Night Vision

Activating Night Vision would cause a pair of night vision goggles to appear over my face and for a green filter to cover. My favourite part of the effect was the sound of the night vision goggles powering up.

Unfortunately, this one was seldom used (and for good reason). It didn’t really make sense to use in any of the games I play. After a few streams, it was quietly swept under the rug and I lost the usage stats for it by deleting the reward within Twitch.

It wasn’t all for naught. I would create an effect that worked off the same principle that would be used much more frequently.

2 – Matrix

Only appearing on one stream, the Matrix reward caused green numbers to scale down my camera view, as if I was viewing the code of the Matrix. Meant to cover tech talk or big brain moments, I ended up not liking the effect and scrapping it.

9 – God Mode

The use of a voice changer has grown to become a tenet of my content. God Mode allowed you to control my voice too! Though I had a lot of concerns over viewers using it to warp my voice during inappropriate moments, that wasn’t the reason why the feature was canned.

Unfortunately, the voice changer app would crash OBS every time, making it annoying to close the software and impossible to switch OBS profiles unless I removed the voice changer entirely. Having tried multiple VSTs to recreate the effect, they all crash OBS in the same way. If I can find a stable way to bring this feature back, I will!

14 – Creeper Cam

Creeper Cam was actually the first Channel Point reward I implemented. This allowed viewers to toggle between my face cam and my room cam while I was in the middle of playing a game. I did this one first as this was the same effect being used in the guide I was following.

Despite having been around since the beginning and only getting discontinued recently, you weren’t that interested in using the feature. Again, nothing went to waste here, as I have found a way for me to control this on my end. Now if only I could remember to use this feature more often!

19 – Pop Quiz

A beta feature I introduced during Extra Life, Pop Quiz presents viewers with a random question relating to gaming or popular culture. This one got a bit of a boost by costing a measly 10 Channel Points while the feature is in beta. It’s a neat way of adding conversation starters to the mix. Adding enough questions to keep the feature fresh is a time-consuming process, but I’ll roll it back our when more questions are ready!

19 – Emote Storm

For roughly 45 seconds, viewers get the chance to flood the stream with emotes while a thunder storm rages, EDM music is bumping, and colours are flashing. Figuring out the timing and proper context for an effect where viewers could take over the stream by flooding the screen with emotes has taken a few kicks at the can and I’m still not sure that I have it fully figured out.

The effect doesn’t get used much, but that’s partially by design. It costs a whopping 500 points, which is currently the most expensive reward on the channel. With it being an entire takeover of the stream, I prefer for it to be used when the moment truly calls for it.

31 – Haley Enters the Chat

Inspired by our interactions in Stardew Valley, Haley Enters the Chat allows for Haley to interact with me on stream even if we’re not directly talking to her. Having her chime in with her snarky remarks really added to vibe of the game while amplifying the strained relationship that she and I had.

As much as I enjoy that reward, it makes little sense outside of Stardew Valley. And when I stopped playing the game, there wasn’t really any opportunities for me to use it. If/when we go back to the valley, I’ll keep my DMs open for her.

31 – Big Brain

Replacing the one-shot Matrix effect, Big Brain is heavily inspired by the Zach Galifianakis math meme. A series of equations flash on the screen while also zooming way into my face for an extended period of time. This one is meant to underscore moments of intelligence or “intelligence”. During my big brain moments, I can always count on you to amplify my 4D Chess. This one isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

37 – NSFW

A crowd favourite, NSFW pixelates all of the cameras while an anime girl shouts, “Wow!”. Though adding the pixelation wasn’t too difficult, the effect in testing felt off in isolation. Once I added the sound effect, it took the effect to another level while giving you an audio cue for why the censorship is happening. On top of that, considering some of the guidelines I’ve set up for myself and the chat, this is a great way for you to note when something is getting too “mature”. Don’t see this one leaving the rotation anytime soon, either.

43 – Over 9,000!

I am of two minds when it comes to this effect. On one hand, it’s a popular reward whose use is very clear. Any time I need to power up in a game, you’re there to give me the Goku Super Saiyan hair. On the other hand, the effect is achieved with the hair being visually stuck to a specific part of the screen. My head has to be in the same spot for it to work, and even then it looks hokey. This effect is part of the reason why I experimented with Snapchat filters on stream. Until I find a better solution, the sentiment and popularity behind the effect keeps this in play.

64 – Dramatic Zoom

As the name suggests, you can use your Channel Points to quickly zoom into my face. The Metal Gear alert gives the effect a bit more punch to highlight dramatic/exciting/scary moments. Despite it being a fairly popular effect, I have concerns that it’s redundant now that the Big Brain effect exists.

69 – Snorlax Cam

Another one of my original effects, Snorlax Cam allows you to see Snorlax at any time. My fundamental problem with the effect is that Snorlax is an inanimate object. In the old studio, I could at least move him around and pose him in different ways. Now that I’m in a smaller space, Snorlax doesn’t really change much.

At one point, I actually discontinued this effect, only to get asked, “Where’s Snorlax Cam?”. Because of this, Snorlax Cam stays.

That said, I think its peak moment was when you used it to capture my anguish after Haley refused to dance with me. Clever!

127 – Autograph


Any time you want, you can generate an autograph of me with a screenshot of my camera view and a randomly-selected message from yours truly. A number of the autographs also have their own Easter Eggs, such as sound effects or emojis in suggestive places.

A select few show an entirely different image. One of which immortalizes me as having the hottest calves on Twitch!

Considering how new this effect is, being used well over 100 times makes it one of the most popular effects on the channel. I need to go back in and make more autograph messages!

151 – Air Horn

The air horn has been a part of the channel long before the implementation of Channel Points. However, Channel Point rewards allowed you to take control of my signature sound! It’s always fun to hit the air horn as the exclamation point to an exciting moment, but what puts it over the top is the emote art from Heather and the animation from Pete. I think of all the effects on the channel, this one has the best odds of staying in rotation forever.

823 – Poke Flute

Shiny Snorlax has grown to become a phenomenon in itself. With only 1:50 odds of appearing each time a viewer spends their Channel Points on the Poke Flute, excitement levels rise as Snorlax’s ears peek out of the bottom of the screen. When a shiny Snorlax does appear, it’s a grandiose occasion! We stop the stream and enter that person into the exclusive Shiny Club.

The hunt for shiny Snorlax is real. Almost everyone who watches the stream has tried their luck at least once. A number of viewers have “grinded” my stream for Channel Points. There are even unfounded conspiracies around who can get a shiny Snorlax, such as rumors that only family members can get one. This Channel Point reward has grown into its own phenomenon and it’s awesome to see the excitement around it!

Here are some stats taken from a few weeks after I initially wrote this post. Here’s the ranking of how often the Poke Flute was used per person. Kudos to every shiny hunter on the list!

Recently, I made an adjustment to how the Poke Flute works. Two people have gotten REALLY lucky. What could it possibly be?!

For a feature that is often ignored on Twitch, Channel Points have become a key component of my Twitch channel. It’s awesome to see you use them so much, whether you’re using the effects to amplify a funny moment or whether you’re hunting for a shiny Snorlax. Will continue working on new effects to keep things exciting!

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