Early ModNation Racers Impression

I’ve been looking forward to playing a non-Mario Kart kart racer for quite some time. Sure, Mario Kart Wii is great, and may still be the best kart racer to come out of this generation when all is said and done, but my palette is looking for something a little different right now.

Enter ModNation Racers. This PlayStation 3 exclusive is part Mario Kart and part Little Big Planet. I’ve only played about an hour of campaign and split-screen, but I don’t think it would hurt to share a few opening thoughts about what I’ve played so far.

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My Beef With Gutted Copies of Video Games

Recently, I took a stack of games to my local GameStop, hoping to get a new copy of ModNation Racers. I didn’t think that this would be a difficult process. Three GameStop’s later, I gave up on them and traded in my games at an indie video game retailer instead, because they had brand new copies of ModNation Racers in stock. GameStop had copies too, but only gutted ones.

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