Murderer’s Row! Pocket Rumble Matches Against a Top Player!

Jonathan (aka xdarkdiamond98 on Twitch) is a top 20 mainstay on the Pocket Rumble leaderboards. In this set of matches, he pulls out the whole roster against my June! I’m still licking my wounds from the beating I suffered against his Sub 11! Thanks for the matches!

To the Top of the Leaderboards! Pocket Rumble Ranked Matches

Did not have any expectations for competitive success in Pocket Rumble, but one late-night binge and one stream later and I’ve reached an surprisingly high spot on the leaderboards. Let’s keep pushing this is as high as we can go!

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Pocket Rumble Tier List Discussion

During one of my recent live streams, I brought up the topic of who is good/bad in Pocket Rumble. I am no expert at this game, but we went through the roster to have a casual discussion about the tier list. Who do you think is top-tier and who do you think is trash? Maybe at some point, I would consider writing a formal tier list someday!

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Universal Fighting Game Guide: Tier Lists

If you’ve ever played a fighting game with another person before, I’m sure you’ve discussed the hot-button topic of which character is best. You may have tried to rank these characters from best to worst. For a handful of seriously dedicated individuals, you may have even gone through the painstaking process of trying to mathematically calculate that pecking order.

Tier lists are a hotly-debated topic in any sort of competitive game. For better or worse, their presence in the competitive fighting games can’t be understated. In today’s world of online discussion and information transfer, you’re just a Google search away from finding dozens of different tier lists for any given fighting game written by players with various levels of understanding. Before you cling to a tier list written by a random message board user as fact, let’s take a moment to learn what tier lists are, how they work and what they’re good for.

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