Murderer’s Row! Pocket Rumble Matches Against a Top Player!

Jonathan (aka xdarkdiamond98 on Twitch) is a top 20 mainstay on the Pocket Rumble leaderboards. In this set of matches, he pulls out the whole roster against my June! I’m still licking my wounds from the beating I suffered against his Sub 11! Thanks for the matches!

Some Love for My Favourite Pocket Rumble Character June!

Pocket Rumble‘s greatest asset is that it has excellent character designs from a visual and gameplay perspective. Even without any sort of lore within or outside of the game, these characters ooze with personality while giving players a ton of unique tools to battle with. Though the roster is small, there’s seemingly something for everyone here.

When I first started playing the game, I gravitated towards Tenchi, as he was essentially a Ryu clone with familiar tools that I could quickly grasp. However, once I set eyes on June, I knew this was the character I had to play as. Not long after, I climbed my way all the way up to #2 on the June-specific leaderboards and having a blast doing it!

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2nd Best June! Pocket Rumble Online Matches

Coming back to this game with our eyes on the prize, we manage to reach #2 on the June leaderboards and top 20 overall in Pocket Rumble! Tune in for those accomplishments, as well as some great matches against other top players!

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To the Top of the Leaderboards! Pocket Rumble Ranked Matches

Did not have any expectations for competitive success in Pocket Rumble, but one late-night binge and one stream later and I’ve reached an surprisingly high spot on the leaderboards. Let’s keep pushing this is as high as we can go!

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Pocket Rumble – June Combo Video

Assorted combos for one of the coolest characters in Pocket Rumble! I’m sure there are more out there, but here’s a few to get you started!

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