Most Disappointing Games of 2018

While I am no stranger to reviewing bad games for my own site or others, I generally pass on the opportunity to do so. As such, I don’t play a lot of bad games per se. However, even though I go to great lengths to avoid duds, some games just fall short of my expectations. While these games aren’t considered bad in the grander sense, these games did let me down more than any others in 2018.

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Murderer’s Row! Pocket Rumble Matches Against a Top Player!

Jonathan (aka xdarkdiamond98 on Twitch) is a top 20 mainstay on the Pocket Rumble leaderboards. In this set of matches, he pulls out the whole roster against my June! I’m still licking my wounds from the beating I suffered against his Sub 11! Thanks for the matches!

The Bottoming Out of Pocket Rumble

Pocket Rumble was never going to usurp the likes of Street Fighter V or Tekken 7 at the top of the fighting game throne. However, I truly feel like the game had a chance to be bigger than it is today. The game had a lot of positive buzz when it was announced as a console exclusive for the Nintendo Switch a year ago. Nowadays, the game has been largely left behind by almost everyone that ever had any interest in it.

Roughly two months after launch, the game has fallen out of the Nintendo eShop top 30, the online leaderboards have tapped out around 10,000 players, and my recent online sessions felt like there were only a handful of people in the world still playing it. Despite how much I enjoy playing it, I’m reluctant to stream it anymore, as I tend to run into the same players repeatedly because they’re seemingly the only ones online with me.

What went wrong? And is there any way to get the game’s momentum back?

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Late Night Pocket Rumble featuring the #6 Player in the World!

Winding down a late night with a comfort food game: Pocket Rumble! Also featured here is friend of the show xdarkdiamond98 aka Jonathan on Switch, who is the #6 ranked player in the world!

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#1 Keiko with the Beat Down! Pocket Rumble Online Action

Here’s the top Keiko player in action! Even though I was on the receiving end of the beating, it’s cool to see what the character can do in Pocket Rumble!

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W’s and L’s: Pocket Rumble Online Play!

Playing some Pocket Rumble and hanging out with the chat! They give me some match-up specific tips and share with us some of the upcoming updates to Pocket Rumble!

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Hector Buff and More Coming Soon in Pocket Rumble Update!

Hector is getting buffed! New arcade mode bosses incoming! The chat helps me out as I fumble through the dev team’s Trello page that outlines what’s coming next in Pocket Rumble! I know it’s a confusing video, so if you understand Trello better than I did, you can check it out at

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