My Ring Fit Adventure Workout Playlist

Just like any other workout routine, keeping up with Ring Fit Adventure continues to be a challenge. I have a great time every time I play, but carving the time out of my day to workout has been difficult. Nevertheless, it’s still in rotation and I’m hope to find the willpower to keep going.

Part of that motivation comes from my workout mix. Still very much a work in progress, but I play with the TV on mute and I blast my own tunes. Here’s a sampling of what’s currently on my Ring Fit Adventure workout mix!

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Apple Watch and Getting Physical

I’ve been on the losing end of an ongoing battle with weight loss for quite a while. Most recently, my efforts last spring were completely stifled by a foot injury sustained while exercising. The pain still persists when I try to run, but getting custom inserts made for my running shoes has gone a long way towards being active again. Besides the orthopedic inserts, I have a new and unlikely tool in my quest for better health: my Apple Watch.

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