Ranking the Street Fighter V Season 2 Characters

After season 1 of Street Fighter V‘s DLC offering brought back six familiar faces, season 2 made a bold move by only bringing back one legacy character. The remaining five slots went to newcomers. This ranking is based on how I feel they impact the game as a whole. Not just how cool they look or how often we see them in tournament play, but the entirety of what they bring to the experience. Let’s count them down!

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Zeku Revealed in Street Fighter V

Capcom has unveiled the final season 2 DLC character and his name is Zeku. Last seen as an NPC in one of Guy’s endings in the Street Fighter Alpha series, he brings with him a handful of Guy’s signature attacks, as well as a few tricks of his own. In particular, make note of Zeku’s long-ranged sweeping kicks.

I’m…a bit disappointed in this reveal. Maybe my expectations were too high, as I’ve followed the rumors for months and expected more out of an evolution of Guy’s play style. This looks a bit too samey in terms of how he fights in comparison to Guy, as well as how similar his play style is relative to the rest of the cast.

Nevertheless, he may surprise me when he’s released at the end of the month. Fingers crossed!

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