To Buy or Not To Buy – BlazBlue: Continuum Shift

I really wanted to like BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger, and based on what I knew of the game going in, I thought I would eat it up. Instead, it sat on my shelf because I couldn’t grasp the gameplay. The pacing was a bit slower than I expected. I had a hard time understanding the game’s mechanics. It also didn’t help that every character played completely differently from each other, which meant there wasn’t much in the way of transferable skills. Some of this wasn’t the fault of the game; part of it was a fault in the user. I realized that my Street Fighter knowledge wasn’t as applicable with this game, and that the amount of investment it would take for me to be good at BlazBlue I would rather dedicate to Street Fighter IV instead.

This week, BlazBlue hit store shelves. I have a lot of reasons for just leaving it there. However, a couple of things are tugging at my heart strings (and wallet) to give the series one more shot.

Taking a page from the Super Street Fighter IV playbook, BlazBlue is not a full-priced game. Since it’s similar in scope to the jump between IV and Super IV, the price in my country is $44.99. This eases my apprehension a bit towards the game, cause there’s definitely no way I would pay in full for a BlazBlue game after my last experience.

What really is driving my confusion is the new tutorial mode. My biggest hurdle was that it had a higher barrier to entry (at least for me) than what I was originally told wouldn’t be there. The game required me to learn all sorts of new tactics, move sets and combos on my own. Aksys is trying to break down that barrier by adding what is supposedly one of the best fighting game tutorials ever. I’ve heard that it walks you through everything from basic attacks to meter management to complex tactics such as combos and cross-ups.

The promise of learning tools within the game is pretty enticing to me. I feel like BlazBlue could be a very cool diversion from the 2D Capcom fighting games I’m used to. Still, even if BlazBlue opens the door for me, will I put in the effort to walk through it? At it’s core, BlazBlue is BlazBlue, and I already know this will take a lot of work for me to get any good. I’m still heavily playing Super Street Fighter IV and arguably diving in deeper than I did with the last iteration by learning more of the cast. When I’m not playing that, I poke around with Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. Do I want to try this BlazBlue thing one more time?

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