The Decision: Entering A Super Street Fighter IV Tournament?

My girlfriend and I will be attending FanExpo this year. Neither of us have ever gone to a convention before (or done anything this nerdy before) but between the two of us, there is enough cool stuff to see and do there for that whole weekend. We’re both really excited to be a part of the experience.

One of those experiences includes a few game tournaments. I know I have no business in the Modern Warfare 2 tournament and the existence of a competitive Smash Bros. scene still baffles me. However, I’m heavily debating in my head whether or not I should throw my name in the hat for the Super Street Fighter IV tourney. Maybe by writing down my thought process I’ll come to a decision.

Experience and Skills

In the last year and a half, I have amassed over 300 hours of Street Fighter IV experience. Most of that time went to taking on thousands of other XBOX Live world warriors. Between regular Street Fighter IV and Super Street Fighter IV, I have a winning percentage of about 66%. I actively follow the tournament scene, read online resource and practice new techniques in hopes of becoming a better player.

I know I have the skills to not completely suck, but I also know there are many people who are leagues ahead of me. At an event like Fan Expo, which would attract some big guns in the local scene, I really don’t know if I can swim in that talent pool. I’ve already resigned to the fact that I won’t win this tournament. But do I have the skills to maybe win a few matches? Or at least put up a good fight and not get my spot completely blown up?

Tournament Experience

I’ve participated in many competitive sporting events, but I’ve never done a video game competition before. I would think that some of that experience would carry over, and I’ve watched enough fighting game tournament streams to get an idea of what it’s like, but I won’t know first-hand until I’m in it. What I think would upset me the most if losing because I let the pressures of a tournament hinder my ability to play my best.


Luckily for me, the game will be running on XBOX 360 consoles. This means that I can bring my TE stick with me. The problem here is two-fold:

1) I don’t have a proper bag to carry it in

2) It’s pretty heavy to lug around a convention

Putting a fightstick in a regular backpack might mess up the stick. I guess I could order a proper fightstick bag online to address that issue, but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s heavy. Carrying it around the convention all day would be a pain, especially if I get wrecked in the tournament and I only use the stick for like five minutes.


Win or lose, it most likely will be fun. I’m always up for some Street Fighter and it probably won’t get any bigger for me than this.

What do I have to lose?

Outside of $20, a sore back from carrying the fightstick and maybe a bruised ego, not much. If anything, if I join and lose, I can say at least I tried. If I don’t join, I might carry around the regret of not taking part for a very long time. If I’m going to be there anyway, I might as well go all-out, right? I guess I’ll just have to stop being a chicken and just do it.

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