Final Thoughts: God of War Review

After one weekend of grinding through and a number of days slowly chipping away at it, I have completed God of War. Yes, I’m years late to the party, but I’m glad to have caught up. Before I start working my way through God of War II and III though, I just wanted to document my experiences going through the final portions of the game. If you’d like to see my earlier impressions of God of War, check out my previous posts.

For a game that starts out super hot, it really cooled down for me 2/3 of the way through. There’s a section of the game where the focus shifts more towards puzzle-solving and traveling from point A to point B under tough circumstances. As a guy whose has never been good at puzzle-solving in video games, I struggled in spots, which completely broke the flow of the game. While most of the puzzle I got stuck on were easily solved with the help of a guide, the traversal challenges got on my nerves a bit. Outside of the cylinder, I don’t think any of them were unfair. However, a few of them did get my blood pressure rising.

Once I got past that however, I found the game to pick up again. It was almost as crazy and bombastic as the start of the game, which was the feel I wanted throughout the entire game. I do have some qualms with how the final battle went down, but I’ll maybe discuss that in a spoiler-filled Game Design Talk post.

I don’t mean to end this review on a bad note, but all of the great things I said earlier still stand and don’t really need to be reiterated. The action is great, the puzzles are alright and the adventure elements are challenging, though rewarding when you complete them. What most impresses me is that even though I’m playing a remastered version, this game is almost six years old. A lot has changed in this genre since this game set the bar, but I’m still mighty impressed by what God of War has to offer.

I’ve played other character-action games before I played this, and didn’t think I liked the genre as a whole. Now that I’ve played this, maybe it’s just because I hadn’t played this yet. I’m glad to have experienced God of War and once I’m done with this God of War break, I’ll definitely check out II and III.

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