Out Now: Mass Effect 2 for the PlayStation 3


For all of the gamers who only own a PlayStation 3, I have a job for you. Now that Mass Effect 2 is out, I need you to play it. Buy a copy in the store. Download it through the PlayStation Network. Rent it from Blockbuster. As long as you don’t bootleg it, I don’t really care how you go about playing this game. But please, do yourself a favour, and play this game.

I have gushed about Mass Effect 2 many times on this blog, so I will keep the sales pitch short. Mass Effect 2 is one of the best games to come out in this console generation, if not ever. This game rocked my socks so hard that I still feel compelled to sing its praises every chance I get. PlayStation 3 owners unfortunately will never get the first game, but with Mass Effect 2, you will get a 15-minute interactive motion comic that summarizes the first game, better graphics and all of the DLC to date. Unless you’re willing to buy an XBOX 360 to play Mass Effect 1 in order to control every choice that goes into the sequel, I think picking up Mass Effect 2 on the PlayStation 3 is a great idea.

So can you do that for me? Can you do that for yourself? Even if you don’t think Mass Effect 2 is your style of game, I think it’s excellent enough that it might win you over if you give it a chance.

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