Early Impressions of de Blob 2


The revolution will be televised. Well, the colour revolution, anyway. The sequel to the highly-fun and possibly underrated Wii platformer is back; this time on the Wii, PlayStation 3 and XBOX 360. As a huge fan of the first game, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the sequel. Though I’m only on level 3 of a possible 11 (that I can see on the world map), I thought I’d share some thoughts on my experiences so far.

de Blob 2 finds our protagonist in search of the leader of the INKT Corporation, as he tries to take him out once and for all while re-colouring the world in the process. While the core of the story sounds almost identical to the original, it does appear early on that there are enough interesting story wrinkles to have it stand on its own. The story is conveyed through cute cut-scenes in between levels and through mission objectives within each level. Though I don’t really play de Blob for its story beats, it works well here and it’s entertaining for what it is.

One of the original game’s strong suits was it’s presentation. It was a great-looking Wii game with an excellent soundtrack that you added to as you painted the environment. I haven’t seen the Wii version of de Blob 2, but I’d imagine it looks and runs as well as the HD version. I have the XBOX 360 version, and while it looks great, it doesn’t appear to push the hardware that much. My guess is the 360 and PS3 versions are simply the same game as the Wii version with a higher resolution, which is cool. Any way you go, the game looks great and the soundtrack is as enjoyable as the original.

As with the first game, your goal is to colour the world. There are a lot of variations of this objective as you play, but the general idea is the same throughout. I haven’t seen activities in the sequel so far that really deviate from the core formula set by the first game, but it’s all been fun so far.

While the first game was great to chill out and play, there were a few pacing issues I had with it. For one, levels could stretch out for really long periods of time. You could easily play a single level for two hours if you want to collect every item, beat every objective and colour everything. I don’t remember there being much of a check-point system either. My other problem was the timer made it difficult for completionists to get everything within the time limit. de Blob 2 sort of addresses those concerns. While levels can still stretch out for long periods of time, the game does have check-pointing. I’m still confused as to how it works, because the only time the game ever tells me it’s saving is when I upgrade my character. As for the timer, you can blaze through the main missions, which will disable the clock once you’re done. From there, you can finish up tasks at your own pace before exiting the level.

The other major changes I’ve seen to the gameplay are the upgrade mechanic and the 2D platforming sections. Throughout the game, you can collect lightbulbs, which you can cash in for upgrades, such as more starting lives and more paint capacity. I’m not far enough to say how this will affect the game, but I am actively seeking these light bulbs to better spec Blob. As for the 2D platforming sections, they’re alright, but kind of repetitive. So far, I’ve only had to hit switches in order to proceed, which haven’t been too exciting so far. Maybe they’ll change as I progress.

Look for further impressions and a final review for de Blob 2 on In Third Person soon!

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