Top 5 In Third Person Posts – April 2011 Edition

April 2011 was quite the month for hot gaming topics. On the news front, Sony and Nintendo dominated discussion around the Internet, as PSN was shut down for over a week due to hackers and Nintendo officially revealed their plans for a new home console in 2012. As for the games, any month featuring Portal 2 and the new Mortal Kombat is a good month in my books.

In spite of April’s hot topics, none of my posts regarding those topics made this month’s top 5 In Third Person posts. If those didn’t garner the most traffic, then what did?

5. Games That Make Me Feel Dumb

While this post has been close to breaking the top 5 ever since it was released, it’s only now that it’s made its way to the top. My sneaking suspicion is that this post brought in a lot of people looking for posts related to Portal 2.

As good as the games on that list might be, I wouldn’t know for sure, as I’m too dumb to play any of them with any sort of proficiency.

4. How I Gave Up on Fight Night Round 4

Ever since the release of Fight Night Champion, this post has been a mainstay in the top 5. How much longer will it stay near the top of the charts?

3. In Third Person’s Newbie Buyer’s Guide to Arcade Fightsticks

The release of the new Mortal Kombat game definitely factored into this post remaining near the top. I hope all of you potential fightstick buyers find this post handy. I will be updating it in the near future, as I have since tried the Hori Real Arcade Pro V3-SA. Look out for my thoughts on that fightstick soon!

2. The Team Mechanics of Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Despite the fact that the newest Mortal Kombat game has kind of pushed Marvel vs. Capcom 3 out of the spotlight, my Marvel vs. Capcom 3 posts are still pretty popular. There’s still a notable player base out there looking for any sort of help they can get with the game. Since this post, I’ve written guides on how to best take on Sentinel and Phoenix, though this one is still the most popular of the bunch. There’s a lot of great discussion happening in comments of that post, and I’d love to hear from you there, too. Whose on your Marvel vs. Capcom 3 team?

1. Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood 1.03 Patch Does Not Fix Game-Breaking Glitch

Why is a post about an already-fixed glitch sitting at the top of the In Third Person charts? You’re the readers, you tell me.

One thought on “Top 5 In Third Person Posts – April 2011 Edition

  1. Josh May 2, 2011 / 4:08 AM

    Hehe, the last one was amusing. FYI relating to the 5th on the list, at least you have the vocabulary to make up for it!

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