In Third Person’s 2011 Game of the Year

Choosing a game of the year is never easy. Each year, we’re blessed with tons of great games, and to choose just one above the rest is very tough. Case in point: I copped out last year and picked two games as my “games of the year” for different reasons, but never definitively picked one over the other. I’m sure that the process for selecting a game of the year can be even harder for major gaming publications, who have to weight out multiple opinions before coming to a ‘definitive’ conclusion.

Having played many of this year’s biggest releases, I did a lot of soul-searching in order to choose a game I feel is worth of the game of the year distinction. When it was all said and done, I came to a conclusion. Was it Batman: Arkham City? Uncharted 3? Portal 2? Could it be another big release I haven’t listed here? Or maybe I went completely out of left field with my choice?

Without further ado, In Third Person’s 2011 game of the year is…

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Portal 2 Review

When I first completed the original Portal not too long ago, I did not feel the need to experience any more of it. Sure, Portal is a fantastic game, but within the three or so hours it took me to complete it, I felt like the game had said everything it needed to say. Although I was crazy late to the party and Portal 2 had been out for months, I wasn’t sure what Valve would do to keep the experience going without tarnishing the legacy of the original.

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Top 5 In Third Person Posts – April 2011 Edition

April 2011 was quite the month for hot gaming topics. On the news front, Sony and Nintendo dominated discussion around the Internet, as PSN was shut down for over a week due to hackers and Nintendo officially revealed their plans for a new home console in 2012. As for the games, any month featuring Portal 2 and the new Mortal Kombat is a good month in my books.

In spite of April’s hot topics, none of my posts regarding those topics made this month’s top 5 In Third Person posts. If those didn’t garner the most traffic, then what did?

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Eyes-On: Portal 2

Last week, my brother picked up a copy of Portal 2. He loved the original and picked up a copy of the sequel on day one. I however, am not afraid to admit that I don’t get Portal. Not that I don’t understand why it’s cool, but I simply don’t have the mental fortitude to play this game. My handful of attempts to play this game left me bewildered, as I never could grasp the gameplay systems strongly enough to actually understand what I’m doing. To be honest, I even have a hard time just watching my brother play the game, because I can’t come to grips with the logic behind his actions.

Having just finished watching my brother play Portal 2, I don’t think my confusion is going to change anytime soon.

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