Pick-Up Post: Mortal Kombat Season Pass

One of the most recent developments in DLC is the idea of paying for a set of content up-front and receiving a discount on the set rather than buying the components of the set separately. From a business perspective, this makes a lot of sense, as it’s a lot easier to ask me for $15 now rather than four payments of $5 spread out over 8 months. It also makes sense from the player’s perspective, as we get stuff at a discount.

Case in point, the Mortal Kombat Season Pass. There are four DLC characters scheduled for release at $5.00 each. However, if you buy the Season Pass up-front, you’ll get all four characters for $15, which is a savings of $5.

With my interest in Mortal Kombat on the rise thanks to the improved net code, this deal looked appealing enough for me to pick up. I’m not sure how Kenshi and Rain will turn out, but Skarlet so far seems like a good addition to the roster. I haven’t messed around with her too much, but I liked how she played in my initial pass. I’ll definitely explore her options in more detail in the future.

If the quality of the remaining characters is as good as Skarlet, then Mortal Kombat enthusiasts should have a lot to look forward to with their Season Pass. I’ll write up more detailed impressions about Skarlet and other Mortal Kombat DLC as I get them!

4 thoughts on “Pick-Up Post: Mortal Kombat Season Pass

  1. Josh June 28, 2011 / 5:46 AM

    I am still trying to import a copy of MK, it’s weird that I am the only one in my close circle of friends that does not own one 😦

    • Jett June 28, 2011 / 9:13 AM

      For someone in Australia, where do you usually go to import games?

      • Josh June 28, 2011 / 11:51 PM

        Online, but it’s fairly risky because of all the fines, or you can just write a letter to someone who sorts this kind of stuff out and they will give you clearance to import it. It’s a real mess down here…

  2. Josh June 29, 2011 / 11:57 AM

    I know this is unrelated but I assume you have PS plus so I would love to recommend to you the Uncharted 3 beta which is free of charge and terribly addictive, if you find any bugs and glitches or feel something in the game is not right then tell Naughty Dog in the forums! Just a suggestion in case you are oblivious to the beta and if it’s any good, which it is…

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