NES Remix Review

From the advent of bootleg Famicom cartridges, to the Nintendo World Championships, to WarioWare, the act of remixing classic NES games is not new. Recently, Nintendo surprised the world by dropping yet another take on those iconic NES titles with NES Remix on the Wii U. Featuring 16 titles, this compilation takes those works and splices them into hundreds of mini challenges. Are you ready for yet another take on games that you’ve probably played dozens, if not hundreds of times before?

When you start, you’re given access to a handful of games and challenges. As you complete them, you’ll earn stars based on how well you did. You’ll also unlock more games. The hook here is that many of the challenges take liberties with the source material. For instance, there’s at least one challenge where you play Donkey Kong as Link. You’ll also play level 1-1 of Super Mario Bros. that’s been modified with a Limbo-like colour scheme. It’s as if Nintendo looked at all of the user-created mods of their games and compiled them into one package.

For diehard Nintendo fans, there’s definitely an appeal to experiencing these weird takes on some old favorites. Also, with the sheer number of challenges based on mostly quality titles, NES Remix can keep someone interested for quite some time. However, with Nintendo having remixed their vintage titles on numerous occasions before, this compilation already feels dated from the moment you press the start button. On top of that, its $15 asking price feels a bit steep for what you get. This may be a neat addition to your collection just for the fan service alone, but this is far from a must-play experience.

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