Top 10 Games Of This Generation – #4 – The Walking Dead

(Game of the Year Nod)

How often does a video game make you question your own humanity? The Walking Dead does throughout in brilliant fashion. At every turn, the game puts you in one terrible circumstance after the next, demanding that you make one gut-wrenching decision after another. By the end of its 5 episode run, I was moved to tears.

Beyond the amazingly well written story that I think is even better than its TV show counterpart, it features some of the most real and deep characters in any video game I’ve ever played. From your main protagonist Lee, to Clem, a child all alone in the middle of this apocalypse, I rode with them on this gripping emotional rollercoaster.

Heavy Rain laid the groundwork for this type of experience, but The Walking Dead really took this evolution of the adventure game formula to the next level. While people still feel that the genre is antiquated, this stood out as one of the newest and must-play experiences of this generation.

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