The Closing of Telltale Games

Pioneers of the modern adventure game genre and makers of one of my all-time favourite titles is no more. Hours before we got official word from the studio, news spread like wildfire of the company’s demise. Before they can even put the finishing touches on the final season of The Walking Dead, the company let go of hundreds of employees and is no longer in a position to finish any of their existing work. My heart hurts at the thought of all of those negatively affected by this news, as well as the thought that the story of Clementine will never be completed. [UPDATE: “Potential Partners” might finish the season after all]

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The Walking Dead Season 2 Review

Telltale’s first season of The Walking Dead is a hard act to follow. It was an evolution of the Heavy Rain style of game, a revolution in terms of episodic content, and a game so emotionally charged that it routinely caused me to gasp, yell at my television and shed tears. It was by no means perfect, but it’s a game that shook me to the core in a way that I’ll cherish forever.

With The Walking Dead: Season 2, Telltale Games cleans up a number of design and technical issues that plagued the first game to deliver an ultimately smoother experience from a gameplay standpoint. But the real question is, can this new season deliver the feels like its predecessor?

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The Walking Dead: Season 2 – Episode 3: In Harm’s Way Review

Carver is a messed up dude. While the concept of overlords is not new to The Walking Dead universe, Carver’s twisted brand of compassion separates him from similar figureheads. Some are able to see through his front, but a surprising number of his captives have clearly binged on his Kool-Aid. With Clem and the other survivors now captive in his compound, they must find a way to escape without getting lulled into a false sense of security.

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Top 10 Games Of This Generation – #4 – The Walking Dead

(Game of the Year Nod)

How often does a video game make you question your own humanity? The Walking Dead does throughout in brilliant fashion. At every turn, the game puts you in one terrible circumstance after the next, demanding that you make one gut-wrenching decision after another. By the end of its 5 episode run, I was moved to tears.

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The Walking Dead Episode 5: No Time Left Review

This is it. After 4 episodes of strife, the conclusion to The Walking Dead is upon us. Writing reviews for this particular franchise has proven difficult, as basically everything is a spoiler. Now that we’re at the conclusion, pretty much everything I could say is going to spoil something. I guess ultimately, I need to answer the burning question: does the series end on a high note?

Yes. Yes it does.

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The Walking Dead Episode 4: Around Every Corner Review

After months of pain and suffering, our ragtag group of survivors have finally reached their promise land. All that stands between them and freedom is a boat. Or at least that’s the hope upon arrival. Spoilers: it’s not that easy.

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The Walking Dead Episode 2: Starved for Help Review

Episode 2 of The Walking Dead video game series picks up three months after the events of the first. Having found temporary solace in a run-down motel, Lee and his group of survivors find themselves facing off against a new threat: hunger. With tensions running high, and supplies running low, a pair of potential guardian angels appear. In exchange for some fuel, this duo of survivors are willing to provide your group with shelter, and rations from their supposedly large supply. Could this be too good to be true?

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The Walking Dead Episode 1: A New Day Review

Zombies, as depicted in almost all forms of fiction, are simple creatures. Featuring great strength, limited intelligence, and (in most cases) limited mobility, their sole objective is to consume the flesh of the living. For this very reason, I don’t find zombies themselves all that interesting.

It’s what happens around the zombies that creates fictional magic. From The Night of the Living Dead, to Abraham Lincoln: Zombie Hunter, to Plants vs. Zombies, creators have found a number of different ways to leverage their simplistic traits into amazing experiences. For The Walking Dead Episode 1: A New Day, the zombies are a catalyst for a far more interesting tale of human survival under apocalyptic circumstances.

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