Street Fighter V Final Beta Karin Matches and Impressions

Karin is arguably the hardest launch character to learn in Street Fighter V. Since all of her special moves have branching paths, memorizing all of her options is quite the chore. However, if you’re able to come to grips with her tools, she becomes quite the formidable foe. She’s really hard to block, as her branching moves give her a ton of different ways to open you up. Her normal attacks have great range and start-up. If she starts to fall behind, she can activate her V-Trigger to unlock her Guren Ken, a Fei Long-like Rekka move with I think eight different branches after the first series of hits. Defending against it is a nightmare.

I really enjoy playing as Karin, though I’m not sure if I want to put in the work required to master her. However, it’s clear to see that she’s worth the effort. I haven’t yet picked a character to main yet, but Karin is certainly on the short list.

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