Street Fighter V Final Beta Dhalsim Matches and Impressions

The stretchy master of Yoga has seen some dramatic changes in Street Fighter V. While he gains the ability to float in the air and toss looping fireballs, it comes at the cost of not being able to throw horizontal fireballs without EX. Because of this and his slow normal attacks, Dhalsim seems really vulnerable on the ground, as he appears to not have the tools to keep people out.

Maybe the community will find the optimal way of playing this new iteration of Dhalsim, though I’m scared that he doesn’t have what it takes to hang. Without a steady horizontal fireball and with his normal pokes starting up as slowly as they do, he’s going to have to work extremely hard to keep his distance. I clearly don’t have what it takes, as I spend most of the time in these videos getting bopped. However, I hope the real Street Fighter V Dhalsim players stand up and prove his viability.

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