Street Fighter V Final Beta Rashid Matches and Impressions

Rashid is one of the four new characters in Street Fighter V. While his place in the story is unclear, we do know he’s an agile fighter whose abilities are boosted further by the technology in his backpack. He can kick tornadoes out of his feet, sail across the screen with a fast jump kick, or even summon a giant tornado that is as tall as the screen.

His bag of tricks is deep thanks to all of the offensive possibilities afforded to him by his move set. However, he sorely lacks in a few key areas. His normal attacks are short and don’t lend themselves well to a stand up footsies fight. Also, his jump attack options are pretty poor. As a Rashid player, if you can hold onto the momentum, it’s going to be really hard for an opponent to take you out, regardless of how glaring his deficiencies might be.

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