Street Fighter V Ibuki (Aozaki_Kyo) vs. Rashid (jettFTW)

Aozaki_Kyo immediately caught my eye with his ridiculously high ranking. Then he caught me with a beatdown using an Ibuki that’s less than a week old. Turns out, he’s also known as KusanagiMX, who placed 3rd at Japonawa X only behind Julio Fuentes and Chris Tatarian.

After the initial shock, I would settle down and give him a better fight. However, who knows how scary he could be if he keeps practicing this character. Maybe we’ll cross paths again!


aozaki_kyo dizzy combo

Ibuki empties the kunai clip on me in a sweet combo

jettftw rashid extended block string

I keep him locked in the corner until eventually breaking his defenses

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