An Interview by TWOTALL4UFOOL of Yours Truly

A little while back, fellow gaming blogger TWOTALL4UFOOL reached out to me in order to conduct an interview. It’s an honour to be the focus of one!

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll find there, but I highly encourage you to read the whole interview on his site!

2T: How do you manage your time between making videos, blogging about video games, and well…. playing the games?

J: Very poorly.

With years of practice, I developed good habits that enabled me to have written content published at a set interval. On top of that, writing is an activity that can be done anywhere on basically any device.

Including video to the mix has completely disrupted my workflow. What I didn’t anticipate going into this was how much work goes into everything outside of playing games. From pre-show prep, to all of the work that has to happen afterwards to repurpose that stream as blog or social content is a massive time sink. At this point, the only time I really have to play games is when I’m streaming them. It’s not a great balance and it can’t stay like this forever.

I enjoy gaming on stream and engaging with everyone in the chat, so that will continue to be a part of my content mix going forward. What I need to do now is slow down, really think about all of these tasks that make In Third Person tick, and refine my workflow so that I can achieve a better balance in the long run

Interview #9: Jett from In Third Person

Thank you again TWOTALL4UFOOL for the interview! Make sure to check out his site and his Game ‘N Watch podcast!

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