Life is Strange 2?

I have a soft spot in my heart for Life is Strange. Years late to the party, I took on season 1 and Before the Storm in a one-month span and came out of it an emotional wreck. Taking the template pioneered by The Walking Dead, Life is Strange upped the ante with characters and a story that hit a lot closer to home than the zombie apocalypse. Yes, the time-traveling mechanic makes Life is Strange more fantastical than anything in The Walking Dead, but much of what made Life is Strange special were the parts that felt grounded in reality. From the strain in Max and Chloe’s friendship, to the search for Rachel, to ultimately experiencing the fateful day where their entire worlds turned upside down, the authenticity and plausibility of it pulled on the heart strings till they snapped.

Season 2 is here and…I have nothing to say about it. What gives?

Money 😦

Beyond my regular living expenses, I burned all of my gaming budget for the next little while on the computer upgrade. At its current price, it’s a tough sell, especially since only episode 1 is out now and this style of game has little replay value.

I will catch up to season 2 eventually. When my finances clear up or when it goes on sale, I’ll take the dip. For now, I’ll wait.

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