The Unique Streamer/Viewer Dynamics of Tetris 99

As much as I want your undivided attention when I stream, I understand that we as a society do a lot of multitasking. I consume a lot of podcasts while I’m playing video games on the train. I mostly listen to YouTube videos while I cook. Even when I’m handling video for In Third Person, I’m juggling numerous tasks from uploading to YouTube, to designing thumbnails, to writing descriptions and tags, to then hopping onto my phone where I edit video highlights and write posts.

But I’ve noticed something very different with the audience I attract when I play Tetris 99. Oftentimes, viewers will go out of their way to state that they’re also playing Tetris 99 while my stream is on. Even though they may not be watching me all the time, they’re still really engaged in the chat and appreciate me being their for them during their battles.

It’s an interesting dynamic. Tetris 99 is a massively-multiplayer game, but it doesn’t have any social hooks. There’s no in-game chat. There’s no way to squad-up with friends. You just jump into the deep end with the sharks and hope to not get eaten first.

Considering how isolating it can feel, I totally understand how someone playing this game would turn to Twitch for companionship. Although I can’t see how they’re doing, I try to ask for updates when I’m not busy stacking blocks or trying to keep the conversation going.

It oftentimes ends up being this weird meta-group where we’re all playing our own instances of Tetris 99 while all still participating in a group chat. It puts a lot of weight on me, as I’m the only one who can continuously communicate to the group with a mic. However, I think I do a pretty good job of keeping my level of play fairly high while maintaining a conversation.

While this phenomenon must exist with other games, I’ve never experienced it before until now. It’s neat and not what I expected could happen when I started streaming. However, I’m all for being a friend, taking part in a great chat while we take on the Tetris 99 world together!

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