Support Your Favourite Twitch Streamers This SUBtember!

Supporting your favourite streamers just got easier! Between now through to September 24th, Twitch and Subway are teaming up for SUBtember! During this time, tier 1 subscriptions are 50% off, meaning you only need to pay $2.50 for a $5.00 sub! This promotion is only available if you purchase through a web browser or the Twitch desktop app, so make sure to use one of those to subscribe.

Also, if you cheer a streamer with 10 or more bits, Subway will add 10% more bits to your total. You even get access to a limited-time sub sandwich Cheermote!

Speaking of emotes…

If you purchase a tier 1 subscription from me at, you’ll get access to my “Mind Blown” emote!

Thank you Laura (@acuppacreativitea) for the design!

Express your shock and excitement with this adorable face that’s way cuter than the source material! 😉

P.S. – I know that emotes have been incredibly overdue. Even so, a number of you subscribed to my channel anyways. Thank you so much for your support! Hope you enjoy using this emote everywhere you go on Twitch!

Whomever you choose to support, now is an amazing time to do so on Twitch! For all of the details, head over to Twitch.

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