Gaming Decor Patch Notes: October 2019 Edition

The month of Halloween is here and…I’ve done nothing festive with my backdrop. Missed opportunity? Perhaps. Nevertheless, it’s time to run through a few new editions to the gaming room!

Fire Emblem: Three Houses – Golden Deer

Last month, I shared pictures of a three-piece print featuring all of the students from Garreg Mach. Was hoping to find a frame large enough to contain all three at once, but haven’t found the right one just yet. For now, I’ll display one at a time. First up are the Golden Deer, the house I was playing on stream. I don’t know if I’m going to stream Fire Emblem: Three Houses again, but I’ll gladly show the game some love in art form for the next little while.

Original Tetris Art by Yours Truly

Leading up to our latest spray paint art session, I had the idea of creating a piece inspired by Tetris Effect. With the moon below, a galactic-sized game of Tetris is taking place in the stars. Since the game takes the inspiration for its backdrops from basically anywhere, I will continue to explore ways of incorporating the game into my future art pieces!

Spider-Man #1 – Hip-Hop Variant

A few years back, Marvel did an amazing run of covers inspired by hip-hop album covers. If I could, I would have bought them all. Only got one, but it’s a doozy. Combining Miles Morales with the Illmatic cover by Nas is a perfect fit. On top of that, this debut album by Queensbridge’s finest is a certified classic and one of my all-time faves.

Ms. Marvel #1 – Autographed by Adrian Alphona

Kamala Khan is one of Marvel’s rising stars. My wife Steff was there from the beginning, scooping up her first issue on launch day. Years later, she was able to get it autographed by Adrian Alphona, the artist of this issue. Though I stopped reading comics a while ago, I read through the first three arcs of her solo series and loved them. Glad to represent her on stream for all that she represents for quality superhero stories with an eye for diversity.

Archie #1

Archie is an institution. Though the franchise may not have be hip with the kids in the early 2010’s, the thought of rebooting this iconic franchise must have been one of the most daunting tasks in comics. I loved those comics as a kid and never thought this day would come.

But then it did and…it was great! Kudos to Mark Waid and Fiona Staples for finding a way to make the Riverdale crew relevant for modern times. Though the show of same name veers into even darker territory than this reboot, this comic did serve as its starting point. Will always have a spot in my heart for classic Archie, but if I’m going to dive back in, I’ll do so with this new series.

Giant Batman Figure and Court of Owls Mask

With rumblings of a new Batman game on the way, now’s a great time to add a few nods to the Dark Knight! Steff received this giant figure as a Christmas present a few years ago, as he’s her fave superhero. As for the mask, the Court of Owls mask is a nod to one of our fave runs in the series. I highly recommend checking it out, regardless of what your interest is in another Batman game.

Revolver by The Beatles

Leading up to Revolver, The Beatles were already in the process of transitioning out of their boy band sound. However, this was the album that ushered in the new and daring sound that would define the band’s later efforts.

From George Harrison complaining about taxes in track 1, to the aural effects on John Lennon’s voice in “I’m Only Sleeping”, to the backwards guitar solo on “Tomorrow Never Knows”, Revolver is a mind-bending masterpiece that felt like it wasn’t of this Earth. It’s a hair short of besting Abbey Road as my favourite Beatles album, but Revolver easily earns a spot on my wall!

Street Fighter – Blanka Action Figure

Will admit that Blanka is not one of my favourites in the Street Fighter franchise. I dread fighting Blanka players due to the character relying heavily on shenanigans and gimmicks to win. However, when I found this action figure at an outdoor flea market, I had to have it.

Not really sure what the backstory is behind this toy, but I think it’s a great-looking depiction of the character with a number of articulation points. Hanging him from a lanyard isn’t the best way to display him, but it’ll have to do until I set up shelving someday.


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