Building a Better Future for the Kids Through Extra Life and Tetris 99

Tetris 99 is my go-to streaming game. Besides providing a modern twist on an all-time classic, the game has proven to be a popular draw for me on Twitch. Almost every weekend, our community congregates on the channel to chat about an assortment of gaming and non-gaming topics while some also play the game with me.

Most of the time it’s a pretty chill stream with a few hype moments when I eek my way out of a jam or when I get into the top 10. However, with my Extra Life campaign in full swing, the stakes have been raised.

At the end of last month, I vowed to make a $5 donation for every top 5 finish and $10 donations for every Invictus mode win. While I can win at a steady clip in standard Tetris 99, Invictus mode is a faster variant that only those who have won a match can participate in. The competition is fierce and it adds a severe amount of stress.

There are stretches where I’ll go upwards of two hours without reaching the top 5. In most cases, this is a totally natural phenomenon. But when pressured to hit that plateau in front of a live audience in order to raise money for Extra Life, the stress can really get to me. On numerous occasions, I’ve considered bending the rules just so I can say I contributed something. So far, I’ve only done that once, having donated for a 6th place finish during my last run.

Not sure what I would do if we ended a stream with zero top 5 finishes, but it thankfully hasn’t happened just yet. However much we end up raising, I know my efforts are going towards a great cause. All of the proceeds to towards critical treatments, healthcare services, pediatric medical equipment, and charitable care. Earlier this year, I learned how our contributions helped to redecorate a CT Scan so that kids wouldn’t be scared to get scanned while allowing medical professionals to get quality scans. Each time I play Tetris for one of these fundraising streams, I think about things like that to keep me motivated.

If you haven’t had a chance, make sure to drop by our last Tetris 99 stream in support of Extra Life on Sunday, October 27th at 9am EST! Hope to see you there at! And of course, you’re always welcome to donate to the cause at any time through the link below!


Support the Children’s Miracle Network of Hospitals by Donating Through Extra Life

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