Let It Out: Coping Through Streaming

When I have heavy thoughts in my mind or weighty emotions in my heart, I handle them by letting it out. Good or bad, I need to get that energy out of my system to stay sane. More than anything else, In Third Person is my mental and emotional release valve.

For me, the most recent streams were more than just an a means of flexing my block-stacking prowess or continuing a friendly rivalry. It was an opportunity to open up about my feelings regarding the current state of the world.

Throughout both broadcasts, I was able to touch on a lot of subjects regarding our plight. Some of it got pretty dark. But it wasn’t all doom and gloom. It was heartwarming to hear that ampshockcom‘s church has moved its services online. He’s also helping out at his local hospital.

We also talked about a few lighter ramifications. With the extra time we’ll have now that we’re largely isolated in our homes, what will you do with it? Some viewers wanted to tackle games on their bucket list. Others wanted to focus on different hobbies. And many were simply waiting for the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. In light of recent events, it’s arguably the game we need most at a time like this.

The most recent stream featured Kris from Double Jump. It’s always a pleasure having her and Rachel on, but it meant so much more to be able to just let loose by the fireplace and chat about anything with friends. Even when we did touch on the event I dubbed “Voldemort-27”, we could control the narrative in a way that helped us cope more than anything else. With everyone in the chat participating, it really felt like the group hangout we all needed (while maintaining our social distance, of course).

I say this all the time, but during moments like this, the true value of streaming really comes from the human interaction it creates. You being there for me during a time like this means the world to me. During these last few streams, I hope I’ve been able to help you cope with where we are in the world today. Will continue to be there for you with the stream as best I can.

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