Three New Emotes for My Twitch Channel!

For many months now, viewers have been spamming the “Mind Blown” emote every time I go live. Still love seeing my head explode, but my signature emote now has company. If you’ve got a tier 1 sub to, I hope you enjoy this trio of new emotes!


This big blue Pokemon has been my streaming partner from the very beginning. What better way to honour him than with his own emote? Not really sure how we’ll use this emote in context, but who would say no to a Snorlax emote!?


Every time we play Tetris 99, we’re always gunning for Tetris Maximus status. Now we’ve got a way to flash it on the screen when we get the win in Tetris or any other games!


#airhornx3! Can’t start a stream, thank a sub, or amplify a hype moment without my patented airhorn. Now you’ve got a way to blast the airhorn too!

I worked with a wonderful artist to make these emotes a reality. Thank you Heather Agoncillo for the amazing art! She was a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her for your graphic design needs. Follow her on Instagram!

Special shoutout to everyone who has supported the channel through Twitch subscriptions! I appreciate you going the extra mile to support the channel in this way. Without it, we wouldn’t have unlocked these additional slots!

Want access to all four emotes? You can unlock them by purchasing a tier 1 sub to my channel on Twitch. You can also temporarily unlock these emotes just by cashing in your Channel points, which you earn just by watching the show. Thank you for your support and I’ll see you on the next stream!

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