Some of My Favourite Defect Cards in Slay the Spire

The Defect is far from defective when it comes to battling in Slay the Spire. When pushed to the limit, this AI can be equal parts bulldozer and fortress. Reaching that limit by managing its unique orb mechanic is the true challenge.

Now that I’ve conquered the tower with The Defect, take a peek at some of my fave cards in its deck!

[NOTE: I’m far from a top-tier Slay the Spire player. If you’re looking for that level of analysis, you may be better suited elsewhere. However, if you’re curious about my approach during this early stage of my career, carry on!]


The Defect can summon different types of orbs that can boost its ability to attack, defend, and execute actions. However, the entire process of adding, using, and removing these orbs takes extra planning and energy to execute. Chill is a godsend in that it adds Frost for free. Particularly useful in battles against multiple foes, as it generates one Frost for each enemy on screen. Clutch!


Defragment adds extra potency to all of your active orbs. In scenarios where you have lots of orbs, this card can really transform The Defect into a force of nature. Upgrade it to add 2 Focus for even more potency!

Double Energy

Energy is a precious resource, especially for the resource-hog Defect. The Double Energy card can give you more runway to work with. Paired with installed plasma orbs, Double Energy opens the doors for you to clear out your hand and then some.


For enemies with armour, Melter is an absolute must. By playing this 1 energy card, you can decimate an enemy’s shield and smack them for 10 damage. Otherwise, fights against tough enemies like Spherical Guardians can drag while also costing you a ton of your precious life.


Massive attack incoming? No problem if you’ve got the Buffer in your hand! Though its cost of 2 energy can stifle your offense for a round, it might be a necessary sacrifice when the Buffer is capable of absorbing all of the damage from the next attack that would hit you. Just be mindful that enemies attack from left-to-right, so its usefulness in certain battles may not be as profound.


Lightning is a resource that’s fairly easy for The Defect to generate. The problem with it is that it only hits random opponents. Supercharge your lightning by playing Electrodynamics, which allows lightning to hit everyone at once! In certain combinations, you can absolutely fry enemies; even when you’re being attacked!

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