My Excitement (and Concerns) Over Pokemon Trading Card Game Live

Rest in peace Pokemon Trading Card Game Online. Welcome, Pokemon Trading Card Game Live!

After a decade of service, the old app will be sunsetting just before the launch of this new one. As of writing, very little has been shown of the new app. Nevertheless, that’s not going to stop me from weighing in on what we do know and bringing forth some questions I have about the new app!

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Pokemon Trading Card Game Online Review

Despite the obvious benefits that come with the digital adaptation of the Pokemon Trading Card Game, it feels like fans see it as an afterthought. At its core, the appeal for players and collectors is the experience of having physical cards. There’s a joy that comes with having them on display, kept safely in a binder, or held in your hand just before playing them on the board. Even when The Pokemon Company gives codes with every physical product to unlock cards and other accessories in the video game, codes are sold for dirt cheap or even simply given away.

For collectors with zero interest in playing the game in any form, the existence of an online version is a moot point. But if you have even the slightest interest in playing the game, Pokemon TCG shouldn’t be ignored.

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Some of My Favourite Watcher Cards in Slay the Spire

Even after devoting dozens of hours into Slay the Spire, learning The Watcher threw me for a loop. What makes her unique is the abilities she gains when changing stances. However, if you mismanage her stances, you can die in a blink.

Despite the complexity of the character, she’s the only one I’ve beaten the game with before hitting level 5. Is it because she’s that good? Or is it because I’ve just improved overall? Or did I just happen to get really lucky during one run? Whatever the case, here are some of my favourite cards in her arsenal!

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Some of My Favourite Defect Cards in Slay the Spire

The Defect is far from defective when it comes to battling in Slay the Spire. When pushed to the limit, this AI can be equal parts bulldozer and fortress. Reaching that limit by managing its unique orb mechanic is the true challenge.

Now that I’ve conquered the tower with The Defect, take a peek at some of my fave cards in its deck!

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Some of My Favourite Silent Cards in Slay the Spire

After completing Slay the Spire with The Ironclad, I turned my attention to The Silent. While The Silent is capable of melting her foes, it’s going to take more setup on the player’s part to create those devastating combinations. Though I’ve gotten to the final battle a few times, the climb to the top has been much tougher for me with The Silent than The Ironclad.

Now that I’ve finally climbed to the top with The Silent, thought I’d share some of my favourite cards from her deck!

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Some of My Favourite Ironclad Cards in Slay the Spire

Each character in Slay the Spire is controlled with a deck of cards that constitutes their attacks, defensive maneuvers, and other status effects. Though you unlock most of the cast in quick succession, I decided to focus my efforts on beating the game with the game’s starting character: The Ironclad.

Having finally climbed to the top with this masked swordsman, here are some of my favourite cards to use when playing as The Ironclad!

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Running it Back with the Ironclad! – Slay the Spire Live Stream

Originally mean to be played as part of a live stream, bad internet sank my plans of streaming Slay the Spire. Ended up doing this as a video instead! Tune in for the opening musical performance, a Show & Tell featuring deck-building tabletop games, and my run to the top of the Spire with the Ironclad!

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Slay the Spire Review

From Dominion, to Marvel Legendary, to Paperback, the deck-building genre of tabletop games is one of my favourites. Through the process of building your deck with new cards, you dramatically improve your ability to complete the task at hand, whether it’s to build a kingdom, defeat super villains, or write your next great novel.

In recent times, the deck-building mechanic has melded with video game design in ways that push both forward. For example, SteamWorld Quest is in most respects is a cookie-cutter JRPG. But with deck-building as the foundation for its combat, you get an insane amount of control over how you spec out each character and approach each fight.

Enter Slay the Spire. In many ways, it stays very close to its Roguelike roots. Your goal is to fight through the dungeon and make it out alive in one go. If you die, you have to start the whole thing from the beginning. However, the introduction of deck-building takes it to a fresh and exciting new place.

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Ironclad Run! – Jett Plays Slay the Spire!

Originally mean to be played as part of a live stream, bad internet sank my plans of streaming Slay the Spire. Ended up doing this as a video instead! Tune in for the opening musical performance, a Show & Tell featuring deck-building tabletop games, and my run to the top of the Spire with the Ironclad!

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Dominion by Donald X. Vaccarino for iPhone/iPad Review

My love of video games has historically not translated well into other forms of gaming. When it comes to card games, I don’t play anything more complicated that Klondike Solitaire. As far as designer card games go, anything beyond Uno I either classify as too complicated, too boring or too nerdy for my tastes.

While I still hold that general sentiment around card games (designer card games in particular), I fell in love with Dominion not too long ago. My girlfriend invited me to a game night hosted by one of her coworkers, and we spent all night playing Dominion. What surprised me most about the game was how easy it was to learn while exhibiting a great level of depth. I told Steff multipe times as we were playing it that the mechanics that drive Dominion scratches an itch that I normally get out of Street Fighter.

Immediately after our first game, I searched the iTunes app store to find a Dominion equivalent. To my surprise, it’s available as a free download. While you won’t need to read my review to decide if it’s worth your money, you may want to see if Dominion on the iPhone is worth your time.

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