Daddy Issues! – Stardew Valley Live Stream – Part 19

We stumble into an awkward moment between Abigail and Pierre. Also, we finally crack into the meteor on our front lawn! What could possibly be inside?

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Full Stream

Use the in-video chapters for highlights!

00:00 – Intro Song “Cold Like My Heart”
03:00 – First Day
12:57 – Finally Smashing the Meteor!
14:11 – PS5 or Xbox Series X?
17:20 – Romance Recap
35:25 – Haley Turning the Corner!?
54:45 – Qowface Gets a Shiny Snorlax!
59:00 – My Struggles with Guitar
01:07:50 – Herman Li from Dragonforce and His Latest Guitar Innovation
01:23:50 – Tetris, Air Horn, and Night Sky Spray Paint Art
01:37:37 – Why I am a Hype Beast
01:45:00 – Daddy Issues
02:27:17 – Browsing Cool Streamers You Haven’t Heard of on Twitch!
02:47:20 – Outro


Intro Song “Cold Like My Heart”

Qowface Did the Thing!


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