Donating to Extra Life for Every Win! – Overwatch Live Stream featuring Switch to Decaf, PlayerTwoStart, jennathefool, and bythesav!

jennathefool and bythesav join Switch To Decaf, PlayerTwoStart and I form like Voltron for the sake of the kids! Again, we’re making donations for every win in Overwatch. How many can we get?

Click through for the full stream, highlights, and shoutouts!

Full Stream


Use the chapters feature in YouTube to jump to the highlights!

00:00 – Intro Song
04:00 – First Match
16:40 – Extended Overwatch Lore?
36:34 – JoJo or JoJo Siwa?
45:15 – Capture Card Advice
56:10 – What Are You Playing?
01:20:30 – Spirit Halloween
01:27:49 – Bad Teachers
02:18:15 – Removing One Character from Any Video Game
02:23:13 – Special Delivery
02:36:55 – Animal Noises Freestyle
02:38:19 – The Parrot is the Realest One
02:41:40 – Would You Be a Professional eSports Athlete?
02:51:50 – The Bingo Hall Experience
02:55:30 – Kairo Enters the Chat (kai joke)
03:17:54 – jfraptorfan1983 Gets a Shiny Snorlax!
03:43:50 – Donating to Extra Life
03:45:55 – Outro


Des Makes Me Spill Coffee All Over Myself

Sick Headshot

I Lost the Game For Us, But…

Kairo Shares a Joke

jfraptorfan1983 earns a shiny Snorlax!


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