Heavy Metal! – Super Mario 64 from Super Mario 3D All-Stars Live Stream – Part 3

Metal Mario emerges from the Hazy Maze Cave! We also make appearances in Lethal Lava Land and Dire Dire Docks!

View the full post to see the full stream and shoutouts!

Full Stream


    • Thank you Dash for the $100 donation to Extra Life! Enjoy your Gold-tier rewards!
    • Thank you Kairo for your $21 donation to Extra Life!
    • Thank you “”In your face, A.N.!” for your $2 donation to Extra Life!
    • Thank you PlayerTwoStart for renewing your sub! 19 months total!
    • Thank you Adventure Rules for the raid!
    • Thank you to everyone else who hosted my channel during this stream!
    • Thank you to everyone who tuned in! Always appreciate your company!

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