Get Chucked, Bowser! – Super Mario 64 from Super Mario 3D All-Stars Live Stream – Part 4 [FINALE]

After a very rough start, I get into the rhythm and we power through the rest of Super Mario 64! Also, I am the worst husband.

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Heavy Metal! – Super Mario 64 from Super Mario 3D All-Stars Live Stream – Part 3

Metal Mario emerges from the Hazy Maze Cave! We also make appearances in Lethal Lava Land and Dire Dire Docks!

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Super Mario 3D All-Stars Review

The original Super Mario All-Stars really made a mark on me. Beyond being a collection of some of greatest games ever made, Nintendo went the extra mile by updating the presentation of each game. It also included Lost Levels, which up until that point was never released outside of Japan. Sure, a case can be made that Nintendo should have left those alone. I, however, loved the fresh coat of paint.

Evoking the All-Stars moniker for Super Mario 3D All-Stars immediately makes me feel like there should be more to this compilation than just the games themselves. This time around, it feels like the package is a bit short on the extras. But does that really matter?

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The Ghost House Struggle is Real! – Super Mario 64 from Super Mario 3D All-Stars Live Stream – Part 2

Having long forgotten the inner workings of Big Boo’s Haunt, I really struggled making sense of each challenge. How many stars was I able to escape with? Also, which video game character would get your presidential vote?

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Still Good 24 Years Later? – Super Mario 64 from Super Mario 3D All-Stars Live Stream – Part 1

With Super Mario 3D All-Stars currently in my Switch, I dive back into Super Mario 64 since it released in 1996. Is it still a banger?

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Before Digging Into Super Mario 3D All-Stars, Here Are My Notes Going Into Each Game

In a matter of days, Super Mario will return to the Switch in Super Mario 3D All-Stars! This compilation includes Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy. Though I have experienced all three during their initial releases, I’m excited to try them again with a fresh pair of eyes. Before doing that, I thought I’d share my recollections of each!

Super Mario 64

Months before its release in North America, I got a chance to play Super Mario 64 at Ontario Place. In a world where gaming was still a 2D medium, maneuvering Mario in a 3D environment was the first time I truly felt like I was experiencing the future of gaming. From that point onward, I brainwashed my younger brother to spend all of his birthday money on a Nintendo 64 and Super Mario 64.

For its time, it was truly groundbreaking. Mario single-handedly took the entire medium of gaming into the third dimension. I couldn’t believe how incredibly fun it was to jump, back flip, and triple jump my way through these environments. Just days after we got our console, I saved the princess yet again.

As impactful as this game was on my life, I literally haven’t played it in decades. I’m not the type of player that revisits games I’ve already completed; a behaviour that really started with this game. Looking forward to seeing how much of the experience still holds up by today’s standards!

Super Mario Sunshine

I vividly remember disliking Super Mario Sunshine a whole lot. Despite its colourful graphics and one of the most unique soundtracks of the franchise, its camera controls drove me nuts. There was one particular level where you have to scale a multi-leveled tower of mushrooms that was a nightmare to navigate because I couldn’t get a good look at where I needed to go. I never did finish Sunshine and until recently, had no plans to return.

Now that it’s part of this collection, I will give it another shot. My gut says much of my criticisms will remain, but I hope that time has healed those wounds!

Super Mario Galaxy

Heralded by many as Mario’s best 3D outing, Super Mario Galaxy did not grab me at the time. Even when I wrote about how ambivalent the game made me feel, I acknowledged how many great things it was doing. Maybe with a clear mind, I’ll give this one a fair shake!

Are you looking forward to revisiting these classic Mario games? Or are you playing these for the first time? Let me know in the comments!

What is Your Favourite Launch Title of All-Time?

Microsoft’s Kinect has been out for about a week now, and it appears as though Dance Central is the launch game to get. With every launch (at least the good ones), there’s usually at least one killer app that early adopters flock to or raise in high regard.

The launch of Kinect got me thinking about previous console launches and the games that came out alongside them, which ultimately lead me to the question, “What is your favourite launch title of all-time?”

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It’s Not You, It’s Me

In November of 2007, Super Mario Galaxy was released to great fanfare. It received eye-popping reviews and a number of awards. I bought the game on day 1, but for a number of reasons, didn’t actually play it until a few months after the fact.

When I finally did play it though, I found myself in the midst of Nintendo magic. Even without the benefit of HD, Mario Galaxy is pretty to look at. The orchestrated soundtrack is excellent. For the most part, it controls really well. Most importantly, the game’s unique take on 3D platforming was highly refreshing and creative.

However, I got about 40 stars before I just stopped playing the game. Up until recently, I hadn’t played the game in years and forgot why I stopped playing it in the first place. After about an hour of playing the game again, I remembered why.

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