Closing Thoughts on Super Mario Galaxy

Last time I wrote about Super Mario Galaxy, I gushed over how it was a technical and creative masterpiece, yet I found myself not having that much fun with it. At the time, I wasn’t completely sure whether or not there was something wrong with the game or something wrong with me. I was hoping that the final stretch of the game would bring it all together and I would have a blast with it. Though after completing the game with the bare-minimum number of stars, it’s failed to hook me in and I don’t know why.

For the few of you who still haven’t played this game, I wouldn’t use my feelings towards it as a reason to not check it out. I highly respect the game for everything it does great, which is almost everything. Super Mario Galaxy is built around such a great core concept accented with such creative ideas around it that it does feel fresh and unique all the way through. I would go as far as saying that Super Mario Galaxy is the premiere 3D platformer in existence and one of the best games to come out this console generation.

It’s a lot of praise to heap onto a game that I slugged through just to beat it. I talked to my brother about my feelings, and he sort of agreed with me too. However, despite the game not “grabbing” him, he still went out and got every single star.

The fact that I didn’t get into this game does make me feel kind of sad. I don’t see myself going back to this to collect all the stars and I’m not sure if I’ll  ever pick up Super Mario Galaxy 2. Maybe Nintendo will add the secret sauce that was missing in the first game just for me and change my mind on the Galaxy series.

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