Extra Life 24-Hour Marathon Live Stream

Making it rain #forthekids! Our money gun got put through its paces as we fired it to celebrate every donation you made towards Extra Life!

Click through for the full stream, highlights, and shoutouts!

Full Stream


[Takes a deep breath]

    • Thank you to everyone who made a donation to Extra Life! Together, we helped to raise over $2,700 and counting! All of the proceeds go towards the Children’s Miracle Network of Hospitals. Names are listed in the order received and doesn’t include duplicate names. However, tons of love to those who did donate multiple times!
      • mdomeer2, PlayerTwoStart, switchtodecaf, Emoxcowboy, tmp, Zuizuitheturkey, JinAndSoda, Akidan, Solarayo, Patrick, Brit & Ja, Hotfiya, Paulita, jennathefool, Double Jump, Casey, Wylie Family, Robert, Annabelle, Dash, Kairo, Michi, Mulligoon, Gaming Diaries, Wendy, AnjimPlays, MysticHera, Jason from Downstab, MacGyverisms, Lisa and Nick, Athena, Phildsz0rz, Gaming Omnivore, Pat, Mat L, Jason, The Robit, Maria, gorchase, Kim & Petez0rz, Cedrik, Double Jump’s Mom, and Dave E!
    • Thank you TheCopperKey, PlayerTwoStart, eesmichi, Jascha, and Dusty for coming to the hosue to play games with me for 24 hours straight!
    • Thank you to switchtodecaf, Jason from Downstab, jennathefool, Laura, Kris and Rachel from Double Jump, jfraptorfan1983, Adventure Rules, Aia, Brit & Ja, and Maria for appearing on stream to play games with us!
    • Thank you to Double Jump for renewing your sub! 20 months in a row!
    • Thank you to Adventure Rules for renewing your sub! 11 months total!
    • Thank you NekoJonez1, jackeugen01, iamflowerless, ItsNikkiD, kiri_gal, latebirdtom, and zachz00m for the follows!
    • Thank you to GamingOmnivore and ItsNikkiD for the raids!
    • Thank you to Pete_111, TheAmbiGamer, Yin5234, latebirdtom, and everyone else who hosted my channel during this stream!
    • Thank you to everyone who tuned in! Always appreciate your company!

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