Extra Life 24-Hour Marathon Live Stream

Making it rain #forthekids! Our money gun got put through its paces as we fired it to celebrate every donation you made towards Extra Life!

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One Week Until Our Extra Life 24-Hour Marathon!

Mark your calendars!

On November 3rd, at 8:00 am EST, we’re broadcasting a 24-hour gaming marathon from my house in support of Extra Life! You can watch the whole broadcast at twitch.tv/inthirdperson!

I won’t be alone, as it’ll be one big gaming party with friends and family in the house and beyond. My brother Randy will be there! Jenna from the Overwatch streams will be there! Mat and Jon of Boss Rush fame will be there! Jason and Laura of downstab.com will be making a remote appearance! Kris and Rachel from Double Jump will be making a remote appearance! My mom doesn’t know what streaming is, but she’ll probably be on to play with us! And of course, everyone’s favourite Halo-loving corgi Dusty Bottoms will be there!

We’re doing this help raise awareness and donations towards the Children’s Miracle Network of Hospitals. They provide 32 million treatments to children in 170 different hospitals in the US and Canada. 100% of the proceeds goes to the cause, so please hit the banner below and donate!

Hope to see you on November 3rd!