Game Length and Adulthood

A few months ago, I picked up Okami for the Wii. I heard a lot of great things about the game and was looking forward to playing it. I played it for a bit, but not really enough to get a feel for the game. Before I could even give the game a fair shake, I traded it away.

Why? For one, I heard that EBGames was giving out extra credit on this game. Second (and more more importantly), I heard the game was roughly 40 hours long. In my younger days, that meant I could expect good times for a long time to come. As an adult with responsibilities, playing through a 40-hour game is a tough thought to swallow.

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Ocarina of Time: Timeless

1998 was a monumental year for gaming. Metal Gear Solid rocked the faces of Playstation One owners, while Half-Life revolutionized first-person shooters and the single-player experience on the PC. I’m sure there are other examples of gaming brilliance I can discuss, but the one I want to talk about here may be the most important game to come out of 1998. It played a major role in revolutionizing 3D gaming and to many, still stands as the gold standard of this entire medium.

I’m not here to debate its place in the pantheon of video games. What I am here to say is, the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time left an impact on me in 1998 that I still feel today.

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