Doom (2016) Single Player Review

Welcome to Hell. On Mars. In the world of Doom, it’s just another day at the office. As a reboot to the seminal shooter of the same name, Doom tries its hardest to make its original formula work in modern times. Somehow, Id and Bethesda pulled it off with flying colours.

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Game Design Talk – Is Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Too Big?

There is nothing about the Skyrim experience that you can describe as “small”. Everything from the size of the world, to the number of quests, to the number of ways to play that game are too large to quantify. Because of how much stuff there is to do in the game, I’m fairly certain that the majority of Skyrim players will never finish the main quest, let alone experience everything that game has to offer.

In spite of its girth, it amazes me how great Skyrim is on almost every front. With that said, could Skyrim have been an overall better game if it wasn’t so grand?

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