Sushi Roll Review

You ready for another serving of sushi? This time, in dice form! Sushi Roll is the dice adaptation of the hit game Sushi Go and the third entry in the series. But with the first game being such a gem and its follow-up Sushi Go Party improving things with more cards and support for more players, is there anything meaningful that dice could add to the mix?

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Gamewright Announces Sushi Go Party!

The makers of the hit game Sushi Go! have announced the upcoming release of Sushi Go Party! This super-sized sequel mixes things up by allowing players to customize each game with a set of over 20 different types of sushi cards. Also, this new game supports 2-8 players, versus the 2-5 of the original.

I like Sushi Go!, so the name alone was enough to catch my attention. While I do have a bit of concern that choosing what sushi is in each game could take away from the original’s light and quick appeal, but support for player counts as high as eight is a huge plus. Might be wishful thinking, but I hope the game also has a better two-player solution, as two players in the original game wasn’t that great. Will certainly be keeping an eye out on this one, which should be out at some point later this year!

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Sushi Go! Review

I’ll be the first to admit that seafood isn’t my cup of tea. Aside from certain kinds of white fish, I’m either not a fan of the taste or allergic. In Sushi Go! from Phil Walker-Harding and Gamewright, you don’t have to eat anything, though you are tasked with creating the most delectable sets of sushi around. Is this food-inspired card game worthy of a spot at your dinner table or wherever you happen to play tabletop games?

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Iota Review

IotaMicro games have become a hot trend in the board game scene, but Iota takes it to the next level. Standing at about two inches tall, two inches wide and an inch thick, it’s hard to imagine putting much of anything in there. Once you crack that tin open, you’ll get 66 cards that are part of an interesting abstract strategy game.

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