Street Fighter Week | A Collection of Past Street Fighter Posts

Street Fighter Week may officially be over, but there’s a lot more Street Fighter content on the site to check out! Here’s a few choice cuts to keep the mojo going!

My Top 10 Favourite Street Fighter Characters

Out Now – Focus: The Mike Ross Documentary

Street Fighter: The Complete History – Book Review

The Most Epic Street Fighter Win

Why I Love Rose in Street Fighter IV

Changes I Want to See in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection Review

I Won the WorldGaming Street Fighter V Regional Finals in Kingston, Ontario

The Cineplex WorldGaming Street Fighter V Finals

This was fun! Not sure what the focus would be for another “week of”, but we’ll do this again sometime for sure!

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Street Fighter V Beta Impressions Part 2: The Flow of Combat

1400 words in the first article weren’t even close to enough to covering my thoughts on Street Fighter V. Spoilers: this one won’t wrap things up either. This will though, cover my thoughts on the flow of the game. Let’s get to it!

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Street Fighter V Beta Impressions Part 1: Gameplay Systems

Back in July, Capcom’s first attempt at a Street Fighter V beta was an abject failure. A handful of people got in and played some matches, but many (myself included) never even got past the start screen. About a month later, with some tweaks on their end and regional stress testing under their belts, the first round of the beta completed without a hitch. Between the stress test and the few days of the beta I got to participate in, I played as much of it as I could.

I have a lot to say on the subject. So much so, that the first draft of this post was over 2,000 words long and I had only covered about half of what I wanted to say. With this spiraling out of control, I’ve decided to break this up into a series of posts that will probably still be huge, but at least a bit more readable. Let’s get right into it by covering its gameplay systems!

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