Laugh’s Theory on the Three Types of Fighting Game Players

Core-A Gaming, with the help of pro fighting game player Laugh, put together a fantastic video about Laugh’s theory of the three types of fighting game players. You should watch the whole thing, but I’ll summarize the key points here before I go into my piece. The three types are:

Mind: The player whose primary strength comes from leveraging information about the game, from frame data, to option selects, to set-ups.

Heart: The player whose primary strength comes from trying to counter their opponent’s specific approach to the fight.

Body: The player whose primary strength comes from being able to perform higher damage combos and block better due to their physical dexterity.

Everybody is a mix of these three elements. Each one has its strengths, but also its weaknesses. Mind players can get flustered when forced into a situation they haven’t prepared for. Heart players can be coerced into making bad decisions. Body players can get frozen out of being able to use their physical talents.

Using this theory, where do I fit?

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