In Third Person’s List of 5 Posts You May Have Missed: I’m In London Edition

By the time this post goes live, my girlfriend and I will have stepped foot in London, England. With little to no access to the internet for the next week or so, you won’t be seeing me writing any up-to-the-minute news or anything of that nature.

However, there will still be stuff to read on In Third Person. Before getting into some new posts, I thought now would be a great time go back through the archives and spotlight some great posts from the past that you may have missed. If you’re thinking that I’m taking the easy way out on this one because I’m out of the country, you would also be correct, but I swear these posts are worth going back for!

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Pick Up Post: You Say You Want A Revolution

Over the weekend, I just so happened to be at an HMV when I stumbled across one of the most ill-conceived games of the last decade (if not of all-time). I have made fun of this game incessantly since it was announced in May of 2008 and have watched it fall into the absolute bottom of the bargain bin. I have seen stores have difficulty selling the full kit for $10 and the disc alone for $5.  At the price of $2 (which was the price I got it for), even I had to stand there and think about whether or not this would be a good investment. It probably wasn’t, but at least I can now speak first hand on why this game sucks.

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