Nintendo Switch Unboxing and Cartridge Tasting Challenge

We got it! Watch as I unbox it before Steff and I check to see if the cartridges taste as bad as people say they do.

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Refining My Board Gaming Palette

Power Grid Deluxe, Splendor, Sushi Go, Marvel Legendary: Guardians of the Galaxy, Lords of Vegas: Up, 7 WondersWhen I first discovered the joys of board gaming, I felt like a kid entering a candy store for the first time. With so many games and no real concept of taste, I sampled many different flavours of board games. Some were fantastic, opening my eyes to a whole subsection of games that I enjoy today. Others were not so delicious, leaving me to shy away from titles of a similar nature. Through it all, my taste in gaming has been refined to a point where I have a good sense of who I am as a board gamer and what I like.

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