Which Pokemon Trading Card Game League Battle Deck Should You Get? (Ice Rider VMAX vs. Shadow Rider VMAX)

The latest round of Pokemon Trading Card Game League Battle Decks are two of the strongest pre-made decks ever released. The Ice Rider Calyrex VMAX and Shadow Rider Calyrex VMAX League Battle Decks are made for competitive play with little changes necessary. Would strongly recommend getting both, but which one should you get if you’re on a tight budget? I cover the strengths and weaknesses of both decks and provide my verdict!

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My Broken Evolution Chains in the Pokemon Trading Card Game

Evolving Pokemon is a big part of the Pokemon TCG experience. Before you can unleash the fury of Charizard, you must first play a Charmander card and evolve it up to the fiery dragon over the course of multiple turns. Even in the Sword & Shield era of the card game where one can play a powerful Charizard V right away, it too can evolve into a monolithic Charizard VMax that has the potential to strike for a whopping 300 damage with a single blow!

But in order to complete these evolutions, one must have the cards to complete the chain. Based on my collection, here are some awkward scenarios that arise when I don’t have all of the cards required to complete an evolution.

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My Biggest Pulls from the Chilling Reign Set of Pokemon Cards

40 packs later, it’s time for me to chill on Chilling Reign. Fueled by off the strength of my newfound excitement for the game and the allure of potentially pulling a golden shiny Snorlax card, I made the bold move of buying a booster box. Kudos to my mother-in-law for giving Steff and I four extra packs to work with for a total of 40!

Before shifting our focus on the upcoming Evolving Skies set, let’s look back on some of the best cards pulled from our booster packs!

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