Streaming to a younger audience and the greater discussion of how one’s work can impact the world

In Third Person at its core has always been a personal outlet. Taking my deep thoughts and feelings around video games and translating them into text, I didn’t really pay any mind to who was on the receiving end of my content. When I started making YouTube videos, I got a bit of a better idea of who that was. Based on their demographic data, the audience for videos was 99% male, ages 18-34. Regardless of what demographic gravitated towards my work, I always felt like the thoughts and feelings I wanted to share in the moment were more important than trying to appeal to an audience.

Things are a little different on Twitch. While I’m pretty sure the vast majority of my followers are male, I’ve chatted with a number of viewers who have identified themselves as being high school or elementary school students. It has caused me to think more about those on the receiving end and the impact I was making on the world.

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